Monday, October 24, 2005

the one-sock wonder

So I'm plugging merrily along on my first sock. I'm working on the leg of it now, and could probably have it done tonight if I wanted. (Steve has a lighting call at the college.) I can't get the yarn for the second sock for another week or so, though. The LYS called Saturday while we were in Illinois and told me that they were sorry, but they had sold the last one of that color already and it was discontinued, so they can't order more. I found it on eBay for $5, which is cheaper than the LYS, but, of course, you have to add shipping, which makes it $12. Sigh. And apparently the post office is still trying to forward my mail to various places, even though they were supposed to stop Oct. 6 (Mom told me today that one of my bank statements was mailed back to them at the bank with a "temporarily moved" label on it. Ugh.) I hope this is not the reason that my Bearfoot AND my 12" circ AND my KnitPicks haven't arrived. I hope they'll come today. I've gotten a Cosmo in the mail, but that is the only thing I've gotten since I got back. Weird.

Sock is going alright. Had the typical holey heel issues, which have not been completely resolved to my satisfaction, but a part of it might be that I think I might have boggled one of the final short rows. Oh well. I now have two other sock yarns, plus the Bearfoot on the way. Steve actually mentioned that "Hey, now you can make me socks, too!" He doesn't care for the colors I have right now, though. (Purple, blue, green, pink...can't imagine why!)

Spending today finishing the sock and reading ghost stories. Yay!

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celia said...

congrats on your sock!
and my sympathy for your loss..