Monday, October 10, 2005

a very long post

Good things about today:
1. I am home in Anaheim for good now. I can actually stay here, with Steve, until March, when I move back up to Santa Maria permanently.
2. I got a very nice email from the artistic director of PCPA thanking me for the work I did on My Way and basically supporting all of my calls throughout the drama backstage. They can't wait to have me back up for Oliver!. I can't wait to have a real job. We're going to go back up to see their Beauty and the Beast in November.
3. I had an interview at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to stage manage their fall semester showcase. Rehearsals don't start until the end of the month. Plenty of 'ahh' time for me! The TD seemed to like me, but I still have one more interview with the director, who isn't too thrilled with what he sees as my "lack" of musical experience. We'll see.
4. No roommates home so far this evening, no loud music, movies or television (I swear, they both must be deaf or have some desire to become so), no kissy voices or screaming arguments. Ability to use the kitchen without someone bitching about how dirty we somehow always get it, and made a nice spaghetti dinner tonight.
5. This time in two weeks, Steve will have been on his first plane trip, have seen the house and town I grew up in, and met the majority of my friends and family. He can't wait, I can't wait! I love travelling, love seeing my family, and I'm thrilled that Steve has elected to come with me this time!

Grr things about today:
1. Somehow the cable no longer works upstairs. Which means that, although I have all this wonderful knitting time, I have no background television with which to distract myself with. No Law and Order, no Animal Planet, no Travel/Discovery ghost story programs. And roommate (see Good #4) in charge of all the cabling downstairs is not home, so I can't bug him about it, and I don't want to mess with all his stuff he has plugged into who knows what downstairs. One can only check websites so many times throughout the day, and it is difficult to surf or read and knit.
2. Steve got called to work longer than he thought he did due to some client's inability to inform the lighting designer that he was tripling the size of the set. Luckily, they're only loading in today, not striking as well. He should be home in a couple of hours, I hope. He also has a bunch of design projects due for various classes, so he's going to be swamped this week. He played hooky from class and cuddled in bed with me this morning, though.
3. My KnitPicks order STILL has not come yet. Unless it came today. Since I no longer have a key to the mailbox (I constantly forgot to check it, so Steve stole the key back. He IS much better about checking mail than I am), I can't check. I hope it comes soon. On the other hand, I have vowed to not start the felted mittens until RD is done, so at least I'm not tempted by new yarns. I really should find some movie or something that I can space out and knit to. I also have a 12" AddiTurbo coming from WEBS, but that will probably not show up until late this week at the VERY earliest.

Rainy Day almost complete! You can see the zigzaggy pattern of the ribbing, and get a better idea of the colors in the yarn. This is a nice project, but I will be SO glad when it is done!

Updated Knitted Stripes. We're at about Row 150 out of an estimated 380 rows. Lots of work left! I'm still not sure exactly how wide it is.

A better pic of the actual stitchwork. Nothing too tough, just lots of it!

The so-far-ill-fated Snowman Stocking. Note that it is currently on two circs, and frogged back almost to where it was in the original picture I posted that I was so proud of. Sigh. I really want to try that 12" circ, although I know the real problem is tension and I, in theory, should be able to use any circular knitting method and have no troubles if I could keep the &*^% tension even.

And, because Steve started to yell at me for having random pages cluttering my desk (and his):

Nothing fancy, just a punch of alphabetized knitting patterns (some very crumpled) now comfortably and lovingly housed in sheet protectors. Note that this is NOT my knitting notebook, this is strictly a book of the patterns I have gotten around to printing out for one reason or another.

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