Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 5

Three things today:

1.) I am behind in my Olympic pace as of today. I got one tier done, instead of the ideal three, due to packing. Will probably catch up tomorrow, as most of the packing is now done. Don't get me started on how much I hate moving and packing. Particularly when we don't have an apartment to move TO yet and money is...well, it isn't, unfortunately. STRESS!

2.) I can't remember what #2 was supposed to be. I'm sure it was of great importance and would have changed people's lives, however. It was probably some smart-aleck comment anyway. Give me a break, it's 12:30 at night!

3.) My friend Alexis (non-knitter) has a far more interesting result for knitters who don't finish in time. According to her, the knitting police will come to your door, act all nice so you'll let them in, and then proceed to "knit you to your chair and take away all of your needles and yarn so you can Never Knit Again!" While I am completely happy with the current set of rules (particularly given my showing thus far), hers would indeed make things more dramatic.


Marji said...

might your friend be jealous of the time you are spending knitting? LOL, sounds like it.
Relax, enjoy the knit...(I say this as I'm hitting the wall having knit on only one project now for 6 days. This knitting monogamy is killing me.)
why are you moving?

Kadiddly said...

*laughs* I doubt the jealous, as we were talking about it at the bar the other night! I really am having fun with this project, and it's kind of nice, because it means that I can pack up the rest of my projects instead of leaving them out and about and in the way. We're moving from Anaheim, CA up to Santa Maria, CA because both of us are going to be starting staff contracts with PCPA Theaterfest. Mine starts March 1, and Steve's starts May 27, after he finishes school. He's going to bunk with some friends for the next two months, poor guy!