Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Silver or Bronze?

LOL...I'm sooo not going to get this done. I COULD, maybe, get all the knitting done by Sunday, but probably wouldn't have time to block and fringe it. I am going to go with just knitting until I run out of yarn. I'm wanting to actually use this thing, not just say that I made it. And I know the crochet edging is going to take me some time to figure out, as I've never crocheted in my life. Should be interesting! In all fairness, though, I am going to get the knitting the pattern calls for completed in time. I just feel that that particular amount of knitting isn't going to be enough, and unfortunately, didn't realize it before hand. Will have to train smarter for the next Olympics!

btw, I take comfort in the fact that other, far more experienced knitters, are having similar crunch-time issues. I'm petty like that, but it's all in good fun. We're all knitters, and that's what counts!

I am going to be happy to finally have a FO for this year, and I can get back to my Jaywalkers and maybe finally get those #@%@#^^&%#$ socks that project finished. Note: I do actually enjoy the pattern, and the socks, and the yarn, I just WANT THEM DONE! They are sitting there, packed up in their box like a good little project, MOCKING me because I haven't finished them YET! This must stop!

Oh, and I'm totally saving up for one of Amy Boogie's bags. I really love the collegiate one. I can so see myself toting around my prompt book, my spiral notebook, and my knitting project in one convenient bag! Gotta wait until probably April or May, though, until we get settled in financially. Maybe I'll get one as a birthday present to myself...

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Marji said...

Good Decision I think.
Even Stephanie is looking like there won't be any knitting podium in her immediate future - barring a time warp.
But just think of all the single minded knitting that has gone on, and the challenges that have been taken on - and the techniques learned. I really think that the challenge has caused people to stretch their horizons - and when it is just TIME that is the limiting factor - well, I think she ought to have a Silver for all those who do go on to finish ....