Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I love cards like these!

Thank you so much for the scarf you gave me for Christmas. I love it! I wear it all the time and it goes perfectly with my brown coat. I have something in the works for you, but it's taking a while to [get] my supplies and thoughts together. I know you will love it as soon as I can get it together! Let me know when you're going to be in town next. I miss you!


Amanda seems to really love my knitting or at least does a very good job of sounding enthusiastic in her thank you notes. She was the recipient of the Winter Night afghan for her wedding, and the Rainy Day scarf for Christmas. I need to be as good about writing thank you cards as she is, particularly now that I know how good it makes me feel to get one!

Trying to pack up the apartment and get some knitting done at the same time. I'm afraid I might have to drop out of the Jaywalker KAL. I'd have to get them done by Friday in order to have any chance at all to get the Lady done during the Olympics. Maybe. We'll see. (Of course, we're going to be out of town apartment hunting and moving every weekend this month, so my chances of getting through the Olympics are slim at best. Oh well, still gonna try!) My goal for today is to get my desk and knitting/cross-stitch supplies sorted through and packed. Of course, I have to leave current projects out, but I have a lot of junk yarn that I'm pondering what to do with. I'm pretty close to done already, even though my Noro kinda got uncermoniously stuffed into my knitted yarn bag instead of laying comfortably in the box with the rest of my good yarns. I hope it doesn't take too much offense, I need to be on good terms with it if I'm going to be an Olympian! Speaking of which, I do need to take time to swatch today to make sure that I have the right needles out before they get packed up.


vi said...

darlink......get 4 kittens.....
they would be TWICE as much fun.....
ask me how I know.....
and then shoot me


Kadiddly said...

lol...I'd love to get four kitties, but I think bf would object. Besides, the role of PCPA crazy lady with lots of cats is already taken =P Definitely getting TWO kitties in a couple months, though! After all, they have to have someone to play with when we're not home, right?