Sunday, February 05, 2006


I don't *think* said friend reads this blog, but he might, so I'll be vague. In short, I'm crunched for time for a gift I thought I had over a year more to make. I have a possible solution, but am still not sure if I will be able to get those done in time. Particularly with all of my already-scheduled projects. We'll see. I do have a backup in case this scheme doesn't work, though. Oh, I was thinking of using a chunkier yarn (I was thinking Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky or Thick-n-Quick in Natural/Fisherman - I don't know about any allergies and can't ask w/o giving it away, and, well, I know my friend, and it needs to be machine washable) on, say, size 10 needles, but am not confident that it will work well with cables. Any yarn/needle combination suggestions? If I do it in worsted or smaller, just the pieces I want to do for the wedding will take forever, even though they would show off the pattern the best.

TDRag is sprinting along all of a sudden. Only a couple more inches of body left! I'm only going to do two colours, and a rolled hem. I'm also probably only going to do short or three-quarter sleeves. For some reason, that's what it is saying that it wants, not the full length. Who am I to argue with a project? It probably knows what it's doing better than I do. Jaywalkers also got a bit of length added to them this weekend. I haven't tried them on for measuring yet, but I think they are almost ready for some heels. I am probably going to do a short row heel for them, instead of the heel flap and gusset, though. Danica is over three feet long now, but has been a bit neglected lately. Lady E is still going to be my Olympic project. (Yes, I know I have a wedding gift I should be doing. I don't care. I have plotted and planned for a month now to do this shawl in February, and damnit, I'm going to!)

Spent the weekend up north at Steve's old college (he's helping them build a set and I helped a little in the costume shop) and apartment hunting. We looked at one place, and found a couple others that interested us even more. We're trying to get info and appointments with them set up for next weekend, when we do the same thing. *sigh* I hate moving, but at least it's Out Of Los Angeles!

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