Thursday, February 09, 2006

Warming Up and Cooling Down

The Warm-up:
Sixteen and a half hours until Olympic cast on! I really cannot wait to start working on the Lady! She's been flaunting her yarn at me for almost a month now! I'm going to do her on size 10 needles, since I only have ten skeins total. I'm planning on nine and a half (ish) skeins of body with the last half skein for fringe. The real challenge is that we have to go up to Hanford and Santa Maria again this weekend, and are planning on leaving around 2:00 tomorrow! I've already warned Steve that I will be knitting in the car again. The best part is that his parents have cable, and while the Olympics ARE on NBC, it comes in much better on their television than on ours. I really hope they don't want to go out for dinner Friday night...I didn't get to see Sydney, Salt Lake City OR Athens Opening Ceremonies, and I am bound and determined to watch this one! It's like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for me - it's something Mom and I always did together and just because we live 1500 miles apart now doesn't mean diddly. If I ever have kids (god forbid - I have this fear of having a little girl - what if she turns out like me?) I hope that they grow to enjoy watching certain events with me, too.

The Cool-Down:
I'm going to have to drop out of the Jaywalker KAL. It sucks, and I really don't want to, but there is no way I am going to be able to finish this pair by Feb. 14. I'm about an inch away from the heels still, on toe ups, and the Olympics start tomorrow. I want to focus on that. The Socks That Rock prize is tempting - Lordy, but those colours are gorgeous! - but, honestly, I need more sock yarn like I need a hole in my head. I still haven't gotten around to that yummy Bearfoot I got back in Octoberish. And I can't really pay attention to it for long periods of time. It's just complicated enough that I still have to look at it on the even rows, so I can't really read or watch anything while working on them, but it's boring enough that I can't just sit and work on it with no distractions. So, while I am still bringing them with me this weekend, because they fit so well in my purse and they are a perfect waiting-around project, with great regret I am dropping out of this particular KAL. I do like the pattern, and the cool little things it's doing with my yarn. As much as I fear SSS, I think I might do one at a time next time. At least I'd get one sock done...

Oh, and the raglan is still coming along nicely. I decided that I lied and have indeed added the third colour (the dark green) to the bottom. I tried it on last night, and except for the length (of course), it fits fine. Still going to do the short sleeves, though. And must make sure to not wear my teal coloured bra underneath it...


vi said...

ok to avoid sss
cast on the first sock and knit to an interesting place
put that aside and cast on the second sock
finish the second sock
then go back and finish the first
there isn't actually any offical second sock

that is the world according to vi

Kadiddly said...

hmm...that's an interesting idea, thanks, Vi!