Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Okay, so not really. I didn't get a project done in time for a January FO, though, which was one of my New Year's knitting resolutions. If all goes well, I might get at least two done in February (Jaywalkers "due" Feb. 14 and Lady Eleanor "due" Feb. 26). Oh well. I did frog my Jaywalkers three times, and learned entrelac, and started my first ever sweater, so the month was definitely not wasted =)

Speaking of which, the sweater actually looks like a sweater now!

I'm working on the second body colour. I only have one skein of that particular colour (although it's a cheap no-dye-lot acrylic, so I'm not worried if I have to get more), so I have to make sure that I leave enough left over from the stripe to put a similar-width stripe on each sleeve.

This afternoon/evening is/was a Mummy and Jaywalker marathon. Size 1's are sooo slow!

Damn KnitPicks. I got their catalog today in the mail, and immediately fell madly in love with their Kimono Style sweater. It is so totally something I would wear. Unfortunately, I have neither the yarn nor the time to make it right now. Definitely added to my "Need To Make" list, though.

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