Monday, February 20, 2006


Okay, I'm slightly worried now - I just finished tier 28 and still have just over four skeins left. Do I go to the pattern limit of 37 tiers (35 pattern tiers plus the two base triangle rows) or do I go until I run out of yarn? I budgeted my time for the 37 rows. I could do a skein a day, but Steve might get a tad upset with me, although he knows of this dilemma. I'm a little worried that the 37 might not be big enough, but then, she is VERY stretchy right now, and I think could grow a lot during blocking. And I'm just boggled that Marji (see the Olympic Knitting Lady E KAL) has already finished 12 skeins and 52 rows!!! I feel so behind now! Hers is absolutely beautiful, though, go check it out!


Marji said...

I left you comments on the KAL entry. But please, don't use my progress as a barometer of feeling on task or behind. I knit fast and I learned to knit backwards to make this go faster, and I just spent two weekends doing nothing but knitting.
Bottom line on the length issue, go look at the Lady E's on the Scarf Style KAL - they are all using all of the 10 skeins they've purchased. I'd knit up all the yarn you have and then count the number of tiers. I can't imagine that 35 or 37 could possibly be enough.

Jo said...

Whatever you decide to do, I can't wait to see your Lady E finished. Your colorway is gorgeous!

Kadiddly said...

Thanks Marji and Jo!

I know, it's not comparing to anyone else. I've learned to knit backwards for this, too, and it's been sooo helpful! If nothing else, I got that technique from this! :) I also know that I've been fairly busy, so it's all good. I've finished 30 tiers so far, and it reaches, unstretched, from my waist to my ankles right now. I'll see how it looks at 37 and decide from there, I think.

Marji said...

blocking is complete, and much to my surprise it grew almost 10% from 80" to 88".
When testing length, wrap the stole around yourself like you plan to wear it. Thank heavens for long cabled addis, allows the end to lay sort of flat.

Amie said...

Can you work a small swatch and block it to see how much it will grow?

Good luck!