Thursday, February 16, 2006


Steve cracks me up. I didn't get much knitting done yesterday because we spent most of the day packing and cleaning and then playing games together. (We're on a game kick, too, I think it helps with the moving stress for both of us.) I had that one tier about half done, and Steve starts getting ready for bed. I start to put the knitting down, not saying ANYTHING, and he goes "You have to finish that row, still! You slacker, pick it back up! I'll just turn away from the light so you can keep knitting." So he's the only reason that the one tier got finished at all. And then this morning, this was the conversation:
Me:"How much more do we have to get done? I want to knit a lot today."
Him: "Yeah, you have to catch up, you're totally behind."
Me: "Well, it's your fault, you were distracting me yesterday!"
Him: "Me? I made you finish that row! You could have kept going, you know."
Me: "Yeah, but I finished that skein and didn't want to start a new one at midnight."
Him: "Wimp. Are you going to have enough to finish or do you have to buy more?"
Me: "I'm good. Go to class so I can knit."
Him: "Okay, you'd better be caught up by the time I get home!"


vi said...

I suppose I have a comfortable head huh?
sooooooo did you finish and have enough wool?


Kadiddly said...

I'm working on it!
And yes, I will have enough...or rather, I'll make it be enough! :)