Wednesday, September 21, 2005

back to the grind

started teching in Solvang tonight. Damn, but it's cold there. It's California. It's not supposed to be cold here. Apparently no one explained that to the central coast/Santa Ynez Valley region, because it's always cold here in the evenings. Sigh. Tech went smoothly, and we're looking pretty good for getting Thursday night off. Too bad there's no Law and Order on on Thursdays. Maybe there will be some on TNT. It'd be perfect to have another L&O/knitting evening. Especially since I just got my Christmas stocking patterns in today!! So excited, I can't wait to try them out! I haven't gotten to knit anything today so far, although I did manage a couple rows on Knitted Stripes over the weekend. It's already fairly late, so I shouldn't start anything new and potentially complicated tonight, so maybe after I get my KS rows in tomorrow I can play for a bit. Not going to get any Winter Night squares worked on until at least Sunday, after the show and I have finally settled back down into our respective paces.

I got to wear one of my scarves tonight. Just boring ol' stockinette stitch on size 15 needles and doubled yarn. It was actually made for someone else, but I never got a chance to give it to her, and the opportunity passed, so I kept it. I knew it'd get cold in Solvang tonight, so I tried to do a "saavy day fashion scarf" thing with it (with fairly successful results) at the office and then actually used it tonight. So I guess I do use scarves. I was thinking that maybe whatever lacy thing I end up making may do better as a stole, so I can use it as a scarf if I want, or a wrap. Will play. Still thinking about using Tiger Eyes as a stole. Saw another leafy pattern scarf today on KR that would translate well into a stole as well. Maybe I'll get the KnitPicks Shadow for the Tiger Eyes and the Cashmerino for the leafy one and have TWO get holiday knitting done first! I actually had to stop myself from buying some new circs so I could start a top down raglan with some spare skeins of Caron Simply Soft. Just to practice the technique with, you understand, and of course to reduce stash. Really. Sigh...

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