Tuesday, September 06, 2005


So I was knitting along the other day, and suddenly a mitten dropped into my lap! It's not perfect, but it does fit well enough, and it looks nice. The second one will be better! I was excited.

So I finished the first mitten last night, and what did I do today? Spent the morning working on the Knitted Stripes afghan, weaving ends in on it. I boggle myself sometimes. I really have to find a good tutorial on weaving in ends as I knit to save to my computer. I wonder if I gave myself bad luck by not casting the second mitten on immediately after binding off the first.

Haven't touched the Rainy Day scarf for several days. Haven't touched Winter Night in longer, but for some reason, I decided that the Knitted Stripes is going to be my next project...until I get bored with it again. Might go to the LYS on Broadway today to soothe my conscience a little. I really want to pick up some of the Cascade 220 and do the Baby Boogas for Becki and Amanda, and Steve and I decided that some handmade Christmas stockings would be nice to decorate the apartment with this year, but I should finish (completely) at least one more project first. Then that will be my reward! I can at least go pick out colors now, though, right?...

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