Friday, September 09, 2005

oh yeah

Forgot to mention earlier that My Way and I are finally settling into a decent enough rhythm that I can start knitting during it, which I find exciting. The light board op (LBO) has been a bit worried that I was going to stab him with my pencil, I think, since I was getting into the habit of waving it around in time to the music. I didn't have anything *better* to do with my hands at the time...I tried working on Rainy Day last night, but I have to look down too much to make sure the ribbing hasn't gotten off. That is going to be my office/preshow project, I think. Tonight, I'm going to try to go back to Winter Night #2, since it's straight garter stitch. Suz came up and sat in the booth and worked on her shrug last night. I was jealous =) We're both very excited about the new fall Knitty that just came out. I want to make that little adorable! I really love Josephine and Ella, too..(I know, I have GOT to stop adding things to my list!! At least until I get a few more projects done!!)

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