Friday, September 09, 2005


Alright, the Michaels here in Santa Maria sucks. They have a lot of yarn, but none with a great color selection, and definitely none in the colors I want for the Christmas stocking. Bah! Will try Wal-Mart. I just want some cheap acrylic to try this pattern out with! Is that so much to ask?!?! Apparently! (Another note on the Christmas stocking saga: Steve told me that the pattern that I found is a "simpler" version of the ones he was thinking of. He is going to try to get the full pattern from his mom this weekend. I'm still going to try the one I found, just to get used to doing charts and mid-row color changes! Hence the reason I don't want to spend a ton on the yarn...yet..and all my practice yarn is at home in Anaheim. Double bah!)

I had a vision of knitting one of the Incredible Custom-Fit Top-Down Raglan sweaters out of some of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino I saw in the shop the other day. Now I want to do that, too! Holiday knitting first! First! Then, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, after presents have been opened, and between getting up for just one more bite of turkey (or that fabulous chocolate and lemon whatever it is that my aunt makes like a dream), I can lounge about, smiling indulgently at the people I gave presents to, while working on something for MYSELF! Mine! Hahahaha! I think I want the baby blue cashmerino...

Okay, I'm done now =)

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