Sunday, September 25, 2005


Steve is totally an enabler. Which is fabulous. His response to "more yarn is coming" was "when and how much and will someone be home to pick it up?" Of course, since his hobbies are wood- and steel-working and computers, spending $16 isn't really very much. I love KnitPicks. Where else can you spend $16 and get eight skeins of nice yarn??

And while I wait out the decision on the mitten drama (to frog or not to frog - Steve wants me to just finish them already), I went ahead and added a new project to the rehearsal schedule.
The Snowman Christmas stocking. I started it last night (CO-Round 12) and am around Round 47 or so already! It actually looks really nice so far! The back "seam" doesn't quite match up, but I think that's just a charting thing and the fact that it's knit in the round. 16" circs are still a bit too long for it, although once I got an inch or so of knitting on it, it seemed to be alright. I tried switching to some dpns for a bit so the yarn wouldn't get stretched too much, but that seems to be more of a problem (brand new bamboo needles, the yarn doesn't slide on them for anything!) so I'll probably straighten the circs out (something I failed to do in my excitement to start this one) and transfer it all back again. Man, it looks good so far! I think I'm going to try the short-row heel and toe, since I enjoy doing short-rows and the afterthought heel makes my head hurt just reading the instructions.

Oh, and when Shadow gets here (and I have enough FO's done that I can justify starting a new project) I'm going to start Tiger Eye stole. I'm going to take the lace pattern and repeat it three times across. This way I can fold it and use it as a scarf if I want, or shake it out and have a nice wrap or whatever.

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Felicia said...

KnitPicks is the best thing ever to happen to knitters. No longer are we forced to chose between food and quality yarn, or skulk to the back of Wal-Mart for Red Heart.

I love your snowman stocking. I plan to check back on your blog to see pictures of it when you're finished!