Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The original title of this post was Yarn Porn!, but I don't have any pics of it yet. My STR came in YESTERDAY, less than a week after I ordered it. Great service! And I canNOT wait to work with it! Told you I'm a yarn slut. How many pairs of socks can/should one have going at a time?? I only have one pair going right now, that I have worked maybe a half a row a day on in the past week, but that's with cheap KnitPicks yarn. I'm thinking I should really switch to something far more colorful and nice - that would make socks go faster, no? Besides, I'm in tech next week, so I will need something fun to look at. Not that I'm anticipating tech to be anything remotely resembling stressful - especially after Oliver! - but a good SM is always prepared. Ooo...maybe I'll start...okay...I hate having too many projects, but I'm thinking I should start my Pomatomus socks with my Spunky Eclectic Sailing Away this week - definitely Monday at the latest, so I could work on them. I think I am going to use the Green Gables for a hat or scarf for Solvang. I just really love the colors in it and feel they would be hidden if I made them into socks. Definitely something bright and eyecatching! Katie is going to be WARM in Solvang for once this year! This is, of course, assuming I have infinite time to knit, as I do have other projects going. Rogue is taking up most of my knitting time right now. I am thisclose to finishing the body. I have finished the back and am almost done with the front left shoulder. I think I could actually have this one done before Anna closes in the Marian, but I do also have to work on the afghan, I suppose. Sigh. I'm still thinking I need some easy stockinette or ribbed socks in cool colors for tech and performances, but I also feel like I should use up the sock yarn I got from Amy first, before it all starts to pile up on me, and I really want to use that for the scarf and for Pomatomuses, which I think will be too complicated to work on during performances. Hmm...duh...I could work on a scarf easily during performances. I still wouldn't be getting any socks done, though. Will have to consider this further.

ETA: As of about 2:30a this morning, I have a Rogue tank top! Steve was working on finishing up a set model for a design meeting today, so I was able to finish both front shoulders and three-needle them together with the back. It fits a bit closer than I was thinking, but it's not too small by any means. I just didn't do a size that had as much ease in it. Next up is the hood, which I'm trying to talk myself into not working on until tonight, so I can get these Seussical notes typed up.


Coleen said...

I know what you mean about needing an easy mindless knit to work on during tech! I stayed up late last night to turn the heels on my toe-ups that I'm working on, just so I could have the easy leg and cuff part to work on today during tech.

I hope your tech is going better than my tech!

Kadiddly said...

Well, it has to right now, as we don't start tech until Tuesday. Unfortunately, the director got called away by a family emergency today, so I might have to do a tech and open the show without a director! Oye! I'm thinking about going over right now and winding up some of my STR so I can use it for socks next week.