Saturday, June 17, 2006

Is it Monday yet?

1. Emotional/legal drama with friends has resulted in having one of them stay with Steve and I temporarily. I am of mixed feelings on this. I totally support my friends and am very very very glad that we can do SOMETHING to help them out. (In my opinion, feeling helpless is worse than almost anything, and this has been a very helpless feeling ordeal so far.) On the other hand...there was a reason that I was so excited to not have to share my living space with roommates. I'm seriously territorial and just don't really play that well with others. Oh well, I'm sure it will be fine. Steve will keep me in check.

2. Anna is going along surprisingly smoothly. The cast asked if they could change from having two four hour blocks with a two hour dinner to either one six hour block or two four hour blocks with one hour for dinner, so we have a shorter day span. We started rehearsals Tuesday and will be running the entire show for the first time tomorrow afternoon. The best part is, it doesn't feel like we've rushed or been pushed to get to that point. It feels like it is the next logical thing to do. We have one more week of regular rehearsals, then a week of tech, and then we open two weeks from yesterday. And it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. The only hurdle we've hit so far has been having too many directors in the rehearsal room, and I kinda put my foot down on that yesterday.

3. My knitting is off. I have the back armhole shaping and about a quarter of the shoulders on Rogue done. I have another square of the entrelac afghan done. I have maybe three more rows done on my socks. I want to work on things. I really do. I sit down in my chair either in the morning before rehearsal or in the evening after rehearsal, seems like so much effort to pick anything up and work on it. Except the socks, maybe. I dunno. Maybe that means I should work on more socks. Not anything with a pattern, though. Which still doesn't make any sense, as the other two projects are also just stockinette stitch. My STR shipped yesterday, so it will get here by Wednesday, with any luck. Maybe that will inspire me again. I really want to work on Rogue now, though, so I'll quit typing and do that.

Oh, and tomorrow will be Steve's 24th birthday. I suppose I should get him a present or something, huh?

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