Thursday, June 01, 2006


This makes me happy. I'm not quite sure why. It's a beautiful colorway, but I have to admit that if I had seen it onscreen before hand, I would probably not be as eager to pick it up. But somehow, this works. I love it!

I've started Elfine with the Green Gables yarn, and it has promptly started giving me fits already. I'm not sure yet whether it is the yarn saying it wants to be something else or if it is just my own stupidity. Somehow, I can count the God-knows-how-many stitches on the Snowdrop Shawl, or even on the former KYOA Pi Shawl, but 33 stitches on a sock? Out of my league, apparently. I'm tinking back to where I think the mistake is (I think I missed a YO a couple rows back, but can't tell exactly where) and hopefully fix it and all will be well. I do have to admit that the colors go well with the pattern.

I've also dug out a couple skeins of KnitPicks Simple Stripes in Storm for some mindless stockinette socks. I think these will be Steve's socks. It's kind of a guy colorway. His feet are only slightly bigger than mine (due to the fact that he is only slightly taller than me, I suppose), and he only wears ankle socks, so these shouldn't be too bad. I'd ask him when he gets home, but it will be about four in the morning, and he has to be back in the prop shop at nine. I'm a bit nervous about the curse (you know, the whole knit your lover a pair of socks and he'll walk away in them thing) because I'm overly superstitious about random and silly things, but I figure that these will be made with his full knowledge, from decent but relatively cheap yarn that won't break my heart if he does take them, and after two and a half years of living together and with my knitting, if he does leave, it will be for reasons far more important than a pair of socks!

Will be spending the weekend at home for once, working on various knitting projects and the prop lists for Seussical and Song of the Oak, our fall Outreach show. Steve is the set designer for Song, so that's cool. (I'm not SM'ing it, though. It will be handed over to an intern when he/she gets here for the fall/winter season. I'm just babysitting the meetings until then.) I could be really really nice to my ASM for Anna in the Tropics, my next show that starts rehearsals not next week but the week after, and get the paperwork and most of the prep done for it this weekend, but I wouldn't want her to have to come in for no reason, would I? I'm looking forward to Anna - we have two weeks of rehearsals (8 hour rehearsal calls), three days of tech and dress rehearsals and then we're up and running. That's so much more my kind of pace than the whole six-weeks of rehearsal thing that we do during the school year. It's brutal, but I far prefer the busier summer season to the fall/winter season. (Btw, I listened to Seussical for the first time the other night. It made me think of a combination of Wicked and Little Shop of Horrors and I still have "The Thinks You Can Think" stuck in my head.)

Back to tinking Elfine...

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