Monday, June 26, 2006

Let the healing begin

Thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed, PM'd, and used various other forms of communication to offer support. It is really very much appreciated. He and I have been able to talk in the past two days, and have discovered a lot that we would like to work on. However, we do feel that living apart for a while will help us (we moved in together after only about six months of dating, for purely practical reasons - we were both moving to LA, me to work and him to school, didn't know anyone else down there, and figured at least we would know each other). So it's in a weird state of limbo, although we did have a date last night that was a lot of fun. It will either work itself out and we'll be all the stronger for it, or it won't. *shrugs*

So, on to more cheerful things like knitting stuffs. (Btw, one of his comments to me the other night was that he really loves that I knit, it's one of the amazing things about me, but his friends just don't get why that is amazing to him - guys are so strange.) I've started on the hood for Rogue:

I also gave in to my yarn sluttiness and started a pair of Zigzag Cloverleaf socks with the STR Scottish Highlands, the pattern being graciously shared by desi_knitter over on the KR Forums.
It seems like I have sock yarn pouring out my ears right now and I want to work with all of it at the same time! I have the Green Gables (will be a hat, I think, for Solvang), Sailing Away (Pomatomus socks), and Berry Pickin' (check the pic on Amy's blog, I'm so in love, these might become Mata Hari socks) all from Spunky Eclectic. I have STR in the Scottish Highlands and Seal Rock (no idea what to use that one for yet), and I have three skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in Black Purl coming! This is on top of all of my KnitPicks yarn that I still have to work through! What's a girl to do? Quit working and just knit socks all the time? Be somewhat less stressful, until it came time to pay bills...

I'm going back to the animal shelter today to turn in my application and get pics of my hopefully soon to be new roommates. Steve said he would go with me on his lunch break. After that, some of the girls and I are going to hit up the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale up in SLO, can't wait!

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Amy Boogie said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good date. I have so many sock ideas I want to do them all at once too.

I hope you post pics of your new roomates.