Monday, June 12, 2006

Uncharted Territory

Okay, so there is a chart. In fact, there are very clean and clear written, step-by-step instructions. But I am now here:

Know what this is? This is one of the completed side panels of Rogue. That's right. I've mangled my way through most of the body already. Now I have to do scary things I've never done before, like shape armholes and backs, do a v-neck with cabling, and pray that my swatching was correct and the needles I am going to switch to for flat knitting will really keep me in the proper gauge. Everything is very well written, I've been very impressed with the way the pattern is presented - it makes sense to even a novice like me. The body so far hasn't been that difficult (okay, so the tension on cables is a pain to keep even, but I'm told a good wash and block should straighten all that out). Just gotta take a deep breath. I mean, hey, if I can do lace and sock heels and entrelac and all that, I should be fine. It's not scary, right? RIGHT?


Coleen said...

What you have so far looks great! So I am sure you will be able to work your way through the rest of the pattern. yay Rogue!

Warrior Knitter said...

I 2nd what Coleen said. If you've gotten this far & are pleased, you'll have no probelm with the rest of it. Just take your time. If you do run into a problem with the pattern or can't figure something out you can probably e-mail the girl from auntie with your question. Or there's always good ol' KR!!

Good Luck!!