Friday, June 23, 2006

May be quiet for a while

as I deal with some changes...mostly going from a two person home to living by myself again...I don't know where he stayed last night and I'm not sure it wouldn't break my heart further if I did know. I do know I will get a kitty soon. In the very near future, because now I don't have to wait for him to come up with his half of the money or find a time we can both go to the shelter together.

I haven't touched Rogue since I finished seaming the shoulders. All that is left to do is the hood and sleeves. I've started a new pair of socks with the Scottish Highlands STR. I don't know what pattern I will use yet. Something simple for tech next week. Right now, I don't even have a director for tech, as he was called away Wednesday on a family emergency. The Artistic Director, who I really enjoy working with on shows, has stepped in to at least make sure that the show opens properly and on time. The actors are rolling with the change pretty well. The director was hoping to be back today, but so far I haven't gotten any confirmation of that. I'm going to take a shower now, try to feel at least like I can go out in public without scaring anyone but myself, and go talk to the landlady about a pet deposit and maybe drive out to the shelter to check out the cats. I'm so numb right now, and I don't really want to face or talk to anyone, but I can't hide away, either.


Amy Boogie said...

I know how hard that transition can be. Hang in there.

Coleen said...

I'm sorry things are tough for you right now. stay strong.