Saturday, June 03, 2006

Indecision kills

So I lucked out with the curse and Steve's socks. He doesn't like that colorway, and it's the most "manly" colorway of sock yarn I have, so no socks for him. Well, okay, it's not, there are a couple other yarns that could be considered masculine, but they're hand wash. He is not getting handwash socks unless he begs! (And that just won't happen.) More socks for me!

I'm also not sure about the Elfine socks. I like the yarn, and I like the pattern, but I'm not so sure about the yarn and the pattern together. The super sport is a slightly heavier than normal sock weight yarn, and the sock looks way too big, even though it does fit. Just not sure.


Amie said...

UGH. Buying men's sock yarn is SO hard - some men will wear funkier stuff on their feet than in the rest of their wardrobes. Mine will not.

Jen at Spirit Trail often has some really fabulous guy colors - she had a rich iron grey and a coppery brown, and blends of those, and dark denimy blues... do check with her. Her yarn is amazing to work with, so if you happen to find some colorways you like buy your man doesn't... you deserve it, too.


Kadiddly said...

Ooo, I browsed through Spirit Trails before, but never got anything. Maybe I'll wander by in the next couple days.

I've decided if he wants socks that bad, he can ask. Other than that, they're for me and possibly my mom. Because we're worth it and stuff =D