Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have not been able to find Teddie since I woke up this morning. He was laying on the bed with me when I fell asleep (we made it all the way out to the living room yesterday evening), but I haven't been able to find him since! I know he couldn't get outside, unless he's a very gentlemanly cat who closes and locks screens and doors behind him when he leaves, but I am DAMNED if I can figure out where he has gotten to! I've checked all the ground level cabinets (as there was evidence they had been explored last night), as well as behind the fridge, desks, toilet, and bed, and on top of the higher kitchen cabinets. I have to go to tech now, so I hope he's not stuck somewhere! I'll be back at dinner to try to look for him again!

ETA: When I got home over dinner, after frantically tearing the apartment apart and a tearful phone call to Steve about me being a terrible kitty mommy, I discovered him curled up in a kitchen drawer. Apparently, he had climbed up into the drawer after getting into the cabinets last night, but then couldn't get out and decided it was a nice place to spend the day. He wasn't too happy about being pried out by Steve and I (Steve brought dinner over for me!), and hid in his little cat tree for the rest of the dinner break. Steve came back during the evening and cat-proofed the cabinets so Teddie can't get back into them, and said that Teddie spent the whole time under the bed. He has eaten and used the litter box, though, and I'm going to go play with him a bit more now to try to coax him out.


Musicknitter said...

This may come too late, but have you tried feeding him or giving him a treat? Cat treats and/or regular food is the best way to get all my cats in one location. I suppose he doesn't know the rattle of the treats well enough yet to come running.

Coleen said...

my cat used to hide INSIDE the box spring of my bed. It took me forever to find her! Good luck, I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere silly!

Amie said...

We had a cat that hid in box springs too!

Don't worry about coaxing him out. Remember his entire universe just changed in every way. Just carry on your day, make sure he's eating and drinking (and he will be) and let him get used to things.

The other thing to remember is that cats have no collar bone - which means they're limited only by the size of their skull - every other body part collapses down to smaller (as I type this Trevor is trying to weasle his way into an envelope. Seriously. Unsuccessfully. Now he looks a little embarrassed that I told you)

Say his name a LOT - like three times a sentence - in soothing tones, especially when you're feeding or petting him, so he associates it with good things.

He's got a good mommy in you!

Jane said...

What Amie said!

Annabelle stopped exploring the hinterlands of my apartment after an embarrassing and potentially dangerous fall behind the fridge.

She prefers to be under the bed whenever there's an intruder, too. An intruder is any person besides me.

Amy Boogie said...

Phew! I'm glad you ofund him.
I lost a cat once. It was a similar situation. Crazy kitties.

Musicknitter said...

Wow, my cats seem pretty boring now. They usually just hide under the bed/couch. Once we had a panic situation and eventually found Angel under a blanket that had been thrown on the floor while we washed our bedding; she crawled into/under this cozy nest and fell asleep.