Monday, June 26, 2006

New Roommate!

Ladies (and gents if any read this), I'd like to introduce you to Teddie. He adopted me today. Teddie is six years old, and lived at the shelter for about a month after being left by a family who was moving and couldn't take him with them. Although he doesn't look like it in the picture, he is very much a cuddlebug. He's just shy as well, and I'm sure it's scary to be in a new home. (Although, I have to say, only I would get a cat that would hide behind the toilet!) They said he's also a loner and doesn't usually want to be around the other cats. When I explained my work schedule, they figured that it was a good fit, as he would probably sleep when I was gone, but when I was around he would want to cuddle. That's fine with me! I'm sure we'll get along just fine - I couldn't just leave him there today after I met him. He even likes Steve, who also met him at the shelter (although Steve doesn't know there's a new male in my house) but suggested that I wait until next week after tech. But how could I leave that face??


Amie said...

Hooraaayyyy!!!! Welcome, Teddy! When you find the one, you just know!

And nope, sorry, the hiding behind the toilet thing does not make you unique.

But you do have a lot of other unique and endearing qualities, so don't feel bad.


Coleen said...

sooo cute! He looks like a big fluff ball!

Sounds like things are going a little better for you today. I hope everything is ok with you.

Give that fluffy kitty lots of hugs and kisses!

Musicknitter said...


Now you get to discover how hard it is to clean cat fur off the outside of the toilet.

I'm glad you found a new guy!!!

Jane said...

Your new cat tale makes me smile! There's something really wonderful about having a fur person waiting for you when you get home from a long day.

And my Annabelle will testify to how great it can be being an only cat: more lovin'! All the treats!


Amie said...

My apologies to Teddie! You'd think someone who spells her name like I do could get that right!

Amy Boogie said...

What a sweet face
Congrats on your new man :)