Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baseball season

You, as a reasonably intelligent person, or at least a literate one, have probably deduced from my side bar that I have an interest in the Chicago Cubs. I'd like to clarify that. I am a DIE HARD CUB FAN! I miss three things from the Midwest: my family, thunderstorms, and Cubs games. We always tried to make it to a ball game at least once a season. My mom's bosses are die hard Cardinals fans, which is allowed when you live in Central Illinois, almost exactly halfway between Chicago and St. Louis, and they would always have Cardinal tickets we could use. I've been to many a game at Busch Stadium. I've even been to a few at Dodger Stadium down in LA. Both are very nice fields, and I enjoyed watching the games there. But nothing, absolutely nothing, beats Wrigley Field. (Red Sox fans are the only ones who might be able to claim similarity, I will concede that possibility having never been to Boston. Someday, though, and Wrigley will still be better!) I can't even WATCH games on TV out here, because it's not a local team so none of the local syndicates pick them up unless they are playing somewhere west of the Rockies, and then it's a crapshoot unless they are playing the Dodgers or Giants. That, and I don't have a television hooked up anyway. (I've been seriously considering signing up for MLB.com, where you can watch any game online, but it is HELLA expensive!) However, the full glory of the XM radio my parents gave me as a Christmas gift has now been revealed. I can listen to every Cubs game that doesn't overlap with a show! It's brilliant! I love it! I loved the radio before, but this takes it to new heights! I am so excited! It's really really fun to knit to, although sometimes I have to put the knitting down because I get too excited. Instead of calling each other up and saying "Oh hey, did you catch that episode of ?", my mom and I call each other up for "Did you catch that GAME?? Did you see that PLAY?? Can you BELIEVE it?!?!" and then tell each other to be quiet so we can hear the announcers on our respective medias in the background. We're insane, yeah. But I gotta say it - I LOVE baseball season!! And my Cubbies are currently doing pretty darn good. GO CUBS!!!

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Jo said...

Please wave to Nomar for me. It broke my heart when he left Boston and I have yet to remove the black armband from the ONLY named jersey I've ever owned. My DH did try to make up for it by buying me a Nomar Cubbies t-shirt but it just isn't the same.