Thursday, April 20, 2006

A pretty darn good day

The good news is that it is 11:15p.m. and I have already been home for 45 minutes! Gotta love Thursday early shows, even if they do have strange energies because they are at weird hours of the evening. And, my understudy rehearsal for Sunday might not happen, due to our poor Oliver understudy being sick AND auditioning for a role in New York. AND, next Thursday's incredibly odd (definitely not regularly scheduled) matinee is cancelled (which means that understudy rehearsal will probably go there instead, but it's a rehearsal I can schedule whenever, not a performance, and then DONE). AND my Boogie bag shipped today (that's what I'm calling it for now, as opposed to a Booga bag, which is what I made for my mama). AND the second clue for the KYOA Mystery Pi Shawl comes out on Thursday nights for me, because of the time zone difference. So I'm curled up at home, on Thursday night, with a pre-mixed mudslide, an internet connection (rare after about 10pm, the guy I'm borrowing it from must be staying up late tonight), AND a potential THREE hours of knitting time before I have to sleep at what I consider a decent hour. I even got some work done (okay, a row and a half) done on the Sock That Shall Not Be Named. (Hey, maybe I'll read Harry Potter again tonight. Oh, I think I figured out why they're cursed. The socks, I mean, not Harry Potter. He has all sorts of non-sock-related problems of his own. I think all the bad vibes and frustration during tech somehow wound their way in amongst the fibers. Maybe if I work on it in a soothing environment for a few days it will work itself out?)

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Coleen said...

isn't it nice when all the theatre gods line up and give you a break! Enjoy!