Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Drumroll, please....


Yes, the Lady Eleanor finally makes her debut on my website! Her knitting was finished at 12:04a.m. Tuesday, April 4. She spent the night stretched to all hell and back blocking on my living room floor, and her fringe was added this afternoon. Hey, it's only 32 days after the deadline...better late than never, yes?

Posting delayed due to unstable internet connection and lack of pictures on the computer at work.

Project Specs:
Name: Lady Eleanor
Pattern Source: Scarf Style by Pam Allen, design by Kathleen Power Johnson.
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, colour #134, bought from Ebay, 10 skeins (used most of it, but not all)
Needles: Boye #10 circs
Size: approx. 20" wide x 80" long (not including fringe)
Started: February 10, 2006 Completed: April 4, 2006

-In all honesty, I could have had this done in time for the Olympics had I not been trying to move 300 miles in the meantime. It is a very easy knit, and the pattern is very clear and helpful. I've had it about 90% done for over a month before I could finally finish it.
-If I ever made this again, which is a possibility but not in the near future, I'd go with bigger needles for a more open look, and a larger scarf/stole. I would NOT use the Noro ever again if I could help it!
-My fringe is only 15" long as opposed to the 20" in the pattern, and has only six rows of knotwork. I did not trim the ends even as I rather liked the uneven-ness of it.

I'm feeling a bit anticlimatic - the heavens didn't open and pour sunshine down on her or anything! I mean, c'mon! But she was a fun knit, and I'm very glad to have her done and be able to use her during tech this weekend!


Coleen said...

Wow!!! so impressed! The colors are beautiful. I think as a reward for finishing, you should have an appletini!

Good luck with tech!

Jane said...

After you get over the "just relieved that the darn thing's finished" feeling, you'll marvel at your beautiful shawl. It's really wonderful. Congratulations!

Kadiddly said...

wooo, appletinis!

Thanks for the compliments, ladies. I have to admit, she's starting to grow on me. And yeah, the colours...as great as my hatred is now for Noro, I can't deny the colours are awesome. We're doing sound levels in the theater tonight, so I might get to try her out today!!

Tess said...

Your lady E turned out beautiful. This is on my to do list in Noro Silk Garden.

calicokitty6 said...

I love the colors in your Lady E. It came out gorgeous.

Wendy said...

Kadiddy....she is beautiful! I love your colors. I just finished Tier 3 on mine....I'm finding I hate the Noro Silk Garden yarn...but I'm already into it so I'm committed for the duration of Lady E.

I too will be waiting for the heavens to open up and sing when I finish her!

~Wendy (scubaqueen @ KR)