Friday, April 28, 2006

A Letter to a Sock

Dear Jay,
You and I have been going 'round and 'round with each other for several weeks now. We had even worked out a peace treaty: you would not mess with my stitch count anymore, and I would live quietly with the holes by the heels that you kept insisting on. I held up my end of the bargain, and I thought I could trust you to do the same. But you've been increasing the stitches again! There were five extra stitches on one round yesterday! Not only is this an unacceptable violation of our peace treaty, but I have yet to figure out how and where this treason began. Honestly, your deviousness never ceases to amaze me. As punishment, you have been sentenced to being frogged back to the heel and will be used as an experiment for an afterthought heel. I know this may seem cruel and unusual, but as you and your heel have been battling with me every step of the way, I see no choice but to seperate the two of you and go with a "divide and conquer" mentality. Your mate is beautiful, quiet, clean, ready, and eager to be worn with you and treated with the respect all handknit socks deserve. Yet you are denying yourself, and your mate, that respect by being so recalcitrant and stubborn. You are actually fitting better than your mate, and I so want to be able to wear the pair of you, so I will not make empty threats such as "this is your last chance!" However, if you do give me any more grief, I will move on to a new sock project and shall hide you in some dark, isolated corner at the bottom of the WIP crate, to be released only when I remember your sorry presence and take pity. I have enough sock yarn and needles to make sure that this could be a very long time. Please think that over carefully the next time you decide to have a bit of fun.


Oh, and I am also finishing the raglan today. Pics will be up later. There is some talk of frogging the body back and adding a couple more inches of the dark green in order to balance the stripes out more. (Actually, I'm pretty sure I will do that, but I want to get the sleeves done first so I can claim I have a completed sweater.)I will see what it looks like with jeans first. I did decide to go with short sleeves. It just looks and feels right. And I have hemmed and hawed and finally settled on Selection A "Daffodil" for this week's KYOAMPi Clue. I need to reset my stitch markers for the 36st repeat instead of a 24st one. I'm really really enjoying this shawl, and am starting to get nervous because it hasn't caused me too many problems so far. It's probably waiting until I get to the border or something and then will pounce. I wonder when Amy Boogie's first Sock Club yarn will ship. Can't wait!

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Carine said...

Pretty dang funny letter. Hopefully said sock has seen the error of it's ways.