Saturday, April 22, 2006


Okay, the bad thing about USPS shipping is that their tracking and notification system really sucks. Despite multiple attempts and requests to have email notifications, I have never been able to track a package (either recieving or sending) past "The USPS has recieved notification that your package is being shipped." The good thing is that it makes for some pleasant surprises. Such as...

My new bag from Amy Boogie's Spunky Eclectic. Isn't it great?! The colours are little off due to the flash, but I LOVE it! Thanks, Amy!!!!

And, for the curious:

A lovely wad of blue/purple lace yarn! (Please, hold your applause until after the performance!) So this is the start of my KYOA Pi Shawl. I'm about halfway through the second clue. I did Choice B last week for the first lace band and Choice A this week for the second. I'm really enjoying this so far - I've never really been intimidated by lace itself, but more of the sheer size of pi shawls. Would I have the patience for one? What if I started it and hated it and never finished it?? What if I really &*$%$!! it up and it looked terrible?? But somehow, this whole week to week thing seems to put it in a more manageable perspective. I'm not real great about knitting to deadlines, but it's nice to be getting the chunks of it and feel like I'm not trying to eat the entire elephant in one big gulp. I'm sure the "week at a time" euphoria will wear off when we start getting into 50 and 90 rows a week!

Rogue keeps whispering in my ear. She wants to get started. I have one more round of ribbing on the body of the raglan, and then the sleeves. I might be able to get that finished on Monday, if I behave myself. Jaywalker #2 and I have reached an agreement. He (these socks are definitely male, don't ask me why) can keep the damn holes where the heels join the rest of the body if he doesn't funk up the stitch count for the leg again and lets me knit peacefully. I'm not telling him that I'm hoping the holes will shrink some when he gets washed. We'll just keep that little thought to ourselves...

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