Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Stupid Jaywalkers. I'm so over these socks. The only reason I continue working on them is so I will have a pair that I can throw at someone. I don't even ever have to wear the damn things, I just want them done so they don't beat me, if that makes any sense. One is done, washed, and resting quietly on the desk. The other is on the needles and is fighting me every damn step of the way. Give me some ^&*#$@ slack here! The heel is done, after having been frogged twice. I go to restart the pattern, and I'm soo off my stitch count. Now I have to tink back, repick up the final row of the heel, and try to start the damn thing all over again. Honestly, if I hadn't already finished the one, I'd frog the entire pair and start with something new. I'm going to use my Bearfoot for my hippo socks, and those are AWFULLY tempting right now! It's really not the Jaywalker pattern itself, I just really think that I have some cursed yarn, as this one has been arguing with me every chance it gets. How to get rid of it??

Oh, and my box o' goodies came from Knitting Warehouse today. Yay! So now I have the needles and yarn for Rogue, the needles for Pomatomus, the winder and swift to get the yarn for Ene wound...Must...finish...Jaywalkers and Raglan before starting Pomatomus and Rogue...and I frogged and redid the first clue for the KYOA Pi. It looks much better, if I do say so myself.


Amy Boogie said...

Part of me says - beat them you can do it!
The other side of me says - why bother knitting something you hate?

I'm not much help am I?

Amie said...

I'd ditto Amy and add that I suspect they're slightly cursed, since I know of at least three people who had no problem with the first, but the second one is kicking their butts...

You know that no knitter will fault you for dumping it. Mismatched socks are what all the cool kids are wearing.

Kadiddly said...

No, Amy, you're not much help =)

I suppose I could just do the one. I have that lone sock made from the Regia (my first sock) that I never made a mate for either. The colours would clash all to hell and back, but it'd be bright and noticeable. But then what would I do with the one skein of Dancing and the one skein of Regia I have to make the mates?? =)

Amy Boogie said...

with the leftovers you can make a pair of kids socks or baby booties (doesn't it seem like someone is always having a baby?) Or just save up the left overs and use them all together someday for a funky pair of socks.
There, that's more helpful :)