Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shopping List

Alright, I really need:
1. a ball winder and swift (my ball winder, sadly, was the only casualty of the move and a swift would just be useful to have)

2. a 32" US6 circular needle (preferably Inox, as I love their tips for lace, Addis are a bit dull)

3. one more skein of KnitPick's Shine in Violet (so I have enough for Tempting II)

4. a blocking board that has measurements and lines and stuff on it (I wanted to post a pic of the Lady stretched out, but realized that I can't even draw a straight line, much less pin something into one. It was drunken looking, to say the least)

5. a set of US2 dpns (as much as I love ML, and my size 2 Inox, hippo socks - as they shall now be known thanks to Colleen - look like they might be easier on dpns)

The LYS here in Santa Maria kinda sucks, but I could definitely get the needles there. They're out of ball winders and swifts, and I have no idea where to find a blocking board besides online. This may be a Monday project. Now back to our regularly scheduled technical problems.


Amie said...

On the subject of the hippo socks, what the heck is up with designers of late naming things that the general public can't pronounce? Is that supposed to be some sign that the pattern is good?

Kadiddly said...

hmm...I don't know. Maybe it's a way to get the designer's name out? "You know, THOSE socks - the ones I can't pronounce but are soandso's pattern."?