Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Is it just me...

Or is the latest issue of Knitty a bit disappointing? I've been so looking forward to their spring issue, and normally I find one or two things that I really like in each "publishing", but this one didn't really have anything I liked. The Hedera socks are kinda cute, and so is the Reid toddler cardigan, but I don't have any toddlers to knit for. I dunno, maybe it's just me. This is not to say that there isn't anything worth knitting in there, just that nothing that strikes my fancy in particular, which is somewhat bumming.

But my order will get here on Monday. Too bad I'll be out of town snuggling with my boy (who is coming up Friday and spending the weekend so he can see Opening, yay!). If he doesn't have to be at his show's strike on Sunday, maybe I can convince him to wait and we'll go back down to LA on Monday afternoon after my package arrives....nah, he's worth more than the package any day!

Oh, and the first Jaywalker was finished Monday. It's just slightly too big, but I haven't washed it yet. The second one was the one that had laughed so hard that it dropped stitches, if you'll recall, and was a right pain in the arse to get back on the needles and to a point I could actually work on it. One of those that when you pick it back up, you go "What the HELL was I thinking/drinking last time I touched this???" I think I've finally beaten it down and gotten it under control, though. Next socks will be cuff down, just for a change of pace, and a possibly a gusset heel, to see which one I like better.

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Coleen said...

Yeah, I totally agree -this Knitty didn't really do it for me either. Wasn't anything I really was interested in.