Monday, April 10, 2006

Yay, shopping!

Yeah, so that list I posted the other day...well, I still don't *HAVE* them, but they're on their way! I know, most of this stuff I could have gone over to Michaels and bought, but it's my day off, my throat hurts, and I don't want to change out of my pj's. So there. (Not that being in my pjs would have stopped me from going to the store, it was mostly the sore throat and general laziness.)

I found this afternoon and decided to check their prices on ball winders and swifts. Considerably cheaper than what I was finding elsewhere online and even on eBay, so I popped those into the old shopping cart. Hell, it's a knitting warehouse, right, I have a show opening in a week that I can give myself a congratulatory gift for (yay, I didn't kill anyone!), and I need some dpns...size 2 Silvalumes, lovely. Oh, and they have Silverado circs in the two sizes I've been looking for and are always sold out. (Yes, I like metal needles, particularly smaller sizes. I've broken too many bamboo and wooden ones!) And now that I have the 100% wool Lady, I'll need something to wash her with, so the Eucalan wound its way in. Ah, and a row counter I can use on my circular knitting. Oh, and they have the yarn that I wanted to make Rogue out of on sale! (I might be considered cheap by some, but I really enjoy Lion Brand's Wool-Ease. It drapes very similarly to 100% wool, doesn't feel itchy, is worsted weight, comes in a bajillion colours, and most importantly, is machine washable. And their Blue Heather has fixed itself into my head as the Rogue yarn since I saw it in the store the other day.) Ahhh....about the only thing I didn't find and buy was a blocking board. Mostly because I looked at a couple, and their prices, and will ask Steve to make me one when he gets access to a shop again. Hell, I could make it here at home, even, all I'd need is some padding, a couple pieces of luan or something I could use as backing, a clean large piece of fabric, a marking pen, a yardstick, and some glue and staples.

So my goals for today were to clean the apartment, set an appointment to get my windshield fixed, finish the cuff on the first Jaywalker, try on the raglan sweater for length, and swatch for Rogue with some scrap Wool-Ease. The apartment is half clean, my windshield is getting fixed on Wednesday morning, I've taken the sweater off the needles and onto scrap yarn, and I've decided size 7 needles are too small for gauge. (Aren't you proud of me, I'm REALLY swatching this time!) So cuff, continuing to swatch, and try on the sweater. Yeah, and folding and putting away laundry and washing three dishes and wiping down counters. Oh, and KnitPicks no longer has any Violet Shine in the dyelot that I need, so I don't have the yarn for Tempting like I thought I did. It's been a good day nevertheless!

Oh, and I did bid (insanely low) on a ball winder and a swift over on eBay before I found the ones I ordered. If I for some reason win these bids, I will have an extra ball winder and swift I'd be willing to swap for something. Or someone could just outbid me...

Right, and the whole plan for CO Ene today...well, ahh, it kinda hit me last night/this morning (it might 2 in the morning, but it's before I went to bed, so it's still last night) that I need at least the winder BEFORE I can start working on Ene, as her yarn is still twisted in hanks. Oops...

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