Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ahh...had a nice steak dinner out with Steve. Spent today planning our move up the coast, plotting a Valentine's trip to Vegas that won't happen until end of summer at the earliest, knitting and playing on the computer. Does life get any better?

Had to put Danica down today. For some reason I just can't focus on it for more than a row or two (and I mean a short row or two, not a tier or two, unfortunately) at a time. This makes me concerned about my concentration strength for the Olympics. We will see. It's just for fun, anyway.

Picked up the raglan sweater instead, and got through the under-arm row before realizing that I didn't cast on the ease stitches properly under the first arm. So now am tinking back, but I'm almost to the first planned colour change! Yay! The sweater may end up being my FO for January, if I stop typing and get back to tinking.

No Jaywalker progress to report, although we are driving up to Steve's parents next weekend and I'll be taking them with me for that.

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