Friday, January 20, 2006

Jaywalker update

I totally forgot to post an update for the Jaywalker KAL (sorry Cara!), but I do have some progress to report. I was working along on them this morning and suddenly realized my count was off. For some reason I didn't think much of it, increased a stitch, moped a bit over the weirdness in the columns, and went happily on. Then I tried one on. While they are still a little tight going over the heel, they fit, but I noticed a hole on the leg. About seven rows back, I had dropped a stitch right near one of the increases, and didn't know how to ladder it back up. So, the good one got put on a spare bit of sock yarn, and that one got frogged back several rows and fixed. Now they are both happily back on the same needles and waiting for me to begin turning the heels. The very fun news is that, not only are all the columns on all the socks straight and I have the proper number of stitches on the needles again, but that the yarn is starting to stripe itself! I had thought at first that the yellows and blues and purples and greens would be too jumbled about to really make the pattern work (and they *are* in the ribbing), but I liked the colours and the pattern so I kept on. My patience has been rewarded! I now have thick bands of yellow/purple/dark green/dark blue spots seperated by thinner bands of the lighter greens and blues! Very cool! I'll post a pic probably tomorrow, when there is better light.

Up to tier 13 (yes, I stopped on the number 13 last night!) of Danica. Will probably work on that tomorrow. Gotta get it done so I can start the Lady!

Saw Underworld:Evolution this evening with Steve. Not the storyline I expected them to follow, and gorier than the first, but still a pretty good movie, even with the surprisingly tasteful sex scene that somehow showed everything and nothing.

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