Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I've almost got my thief to master in Astaria, and explored a new area I'd never been to for some reason. (Don't worry if you have absolutely no idea what that means. It's a MUD I play off and on with a bunch of online friends. Mostly because I can knit and borg at the same time.)

I've spent today in my pj's, laying on my bed, surrounded by my laptop and my knitting. Steve spent today in his pj's in front of his desktop computer, playing CoV. It was heaven - where else would you find two theater AND internet gaming geeks? We're perfectly happy to ignore each other for hours playing our games, but at the end of the day, we know what's really important. It's fantastic.

I have the toes done on my new-and-hopefully-improved-definitely-bigger Jaywalkers. I considered doing them one at a time, since it does seem to go faster for a lot of people, but I know myself, and I will make one sock a different size than the other if I do. No matter how carefully I count or measure. Going to start the feet tomorrow, probably. Danica has been neglected and is letting me know it.

I might possibly have the yarn to do the Ribby Cardi. I could do it with my WotA stash, but it would have to be a minimum of three colours in order to get the yardage. Will have to play with this. I do not, nor will I have in the near future, the yarn for Tubey. I was really excited when I got the LionBrand catalog today and they have Lion Cashmere Blend now, but the excitement faded when I realized it was $9 a skein, and I can get the DB Cashmerino Aran the designer used for $7-8 a skein. Unfortunately, I would still need 11-14 skeins (depending on how many colours are used), so it is wayy out of my budget atm. Perhaps over the summer.


jenifleur said...

Amen to sock knitting squared. The only time I don't do mine both at the same time is when I can't lay my hands on the right size circs. It does seem to take forever sometimes, but when it's done? It's DONE. And you don't have to try and remember (or jot down-yeah right.) any little alterations you made. You're singin' my song.

Kadiddly said...

woo, another 2 sock-er!