Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I actually won the Noro! Colourway 139, 10 skeins of it, for $61 (plus another $10 for shipping). That's just over $6/skein. I can handle that. My Eleanor might be a bit short, because I'm not ordering more, but that's okay. Haven't heard yet from the seller, but I made the payment this morning, so hopefully it will be shipped soon! AND my big box o' KnitPicks yarn should be here on Friday! I can't wait! I am going to break my two-at-a-time rule and start the Danica scarf ASAP, I think. I really want to start learning the entrelac! And I need something to learn to knit backwards on - you can't really knit backwards when you're in the round.

Oh, and I had an idea to possibly make my raglan a little more interesting. I'm thinking about adding a small mosaic band between the colours instead of doing them as wide stripes. Like, go from the cream, then do, I don't know, eight rows (four rows of each colour) of the mosaic with the cream and light green and then go into the light green solidly. The mosaic was definitely tighter in the afghan, though, so I might have to go up in needle size for that part. I will try it. That's the point of this sweater, right? To try things! I'm almost done with the yoke/shoulders, btw!
Jaywalkers are coming along, but I haven't been working on them at home, only when I'm out and have some downtime, so they're not quite getting the attention they deserve. Oh well, they will get done!

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