Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ooo...I got my Noro yesterday for the Lady Eleanor! It's soo pretty! I'd post a pic, but it's too dark in here to do the colours justice. I have to finish Danica before I start the Lady, though. I promised myself. Then I will start the Lady and finish the sweater, and then cast on something lacy, probably Ene's Scarf, and work on those two. (I've settled on having two "home" projects and a sock project that I carry around with me. That's only three projects, which isn't too bad.)

I also got a call from my mom yesterday. She found "the perfect" use for her Booga bag. She has recently been put on a diet by her doctor, and apparently the bag is the perfect size for her to carry her breakfast to work in! She loves it, and I guess has gotten several compliments on it.

So score two for the Noro yesterday!

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