Sunday, January 08, 2006

So many patterns, so little time...

Scarf Style and A Gathering of Lace were waiting for me when I got home from a very long day of stage and orchestra rehearsals! BEAUTIFUL patterns! So far, I want to do Ene's Scarf, Lady Eleanor (I've also gotten suckered into that one by all the gorgeous Ladies being shown off on the KR Forums. If I win the eBay auction for enough Noro Kureyon in the colourway I want, then it's fate and I have to make it soon. If I don't, gonna have to wait and save up. Something like that deserves a good yarn and lots of colours!), Rippling Rainbow, Magic Circle, Feather & Fan, and the Magickal Earth Shawl (although I'm not a fan of the unicorn). Any of the patterns, really.

Now I have to wait until Mom ships my yarn! Supposed to be here soon, I hope! Gotta work on the sweater and the Jaywalkers first.

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