Sunday, January 22, 2006


I amazed myself with my fabulous productivity today. I did all the laundry and folded it and put it away properly. I cleaned the bathroom, including the toilet and mirrors and sweeping. I sent off the last of the paperwork LBO needs to send back to Pittsburg. (They're going to remount the opera there this summer. They can keep it.) I got seats reserved for Steve and I for a small show John Gabriel is doing next week and invited us to. (It's just going to be John and the dancers doing a bunch of the front of curtain/card tricks, so they don't need us backstage crew-types for it.) I looked over and agreed on a hiring plan for the PCPA interns this summer. I joined and decided on a project for the Knitting Olympics and got a button. I started the heel flaps on my Jaywalkers. I ran some errands and had dinner with Steve. (Ben & Jerry's "Everything But The..." just might replace "Phish Food" as my favourite ice cream flavour.) It was, I think, a Good Day.

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