Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update, lots of pics!

My beautiful's coming in the mail...muha! I'm going to have a nice, warm, pretty wrap for those cold, cold nights in Solvang!

Christmas yarns should be here tomorrow or Friday. Mom sent me an email saying it was scheduled to be delivered Friday the 12th. The problem being that Thursday is the 12th. So I don't know if it's coming tomorrow while I'm at rehearsal (and what a nice thing THAT would be to come home to - tomorrow is going to be a LONGLONGLONG day) or Friday on my day off.

Still have to get the pattern for the pi shawl. I might try to go to the library this weekend and see if they have Knitter's Almanac and make a copy. That's why libraries have books, right? So you can get informative resources you would not otherwise be able to have access to?

I want to know HOW people are knitting their Jaywalkers so fast?! I've started mine, I don't know, a week or so ago and am only this far! Geez! Granted, I've only been working on them as an "out and about" project - mostly when I'm on breaks or early to rehearsals, so that is probably most of it. The yarn is KnitPicks Dancing in Jig. Maybe the colours are a little TOO varigated to work best with this pattern, you kind of lose the zigzag with the pooling, but I really love them and don't want to rip and redo again.

My at-home, day-off project lately has been this oddly shaped pile of knitted fabric, otherwise known as the start of the top-down raglan sweater. I have (I think) 15 more rows left of the yoke, then can slip the sleeves and start playing with the first colour change into the light green.

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Amie said...

I think you've discovered one of the reasons I don't often knit two socks at a time - it seems like you're going so much slower because you're only getting half as much done on each sock. If you put your socks end to end, you're more than halfway done a sock, but if you look at them side by side like that, it looks like about three inches.... very discouraging to me....

What yarn is the top-down-raglan in? It looks like a lovely creamy yellow, very pretty.....